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Friday April 18th
The League @ Players Edge
8:30pm 15u Black vs Dream Vision
9:40pm 16u Black vs Double Pump 2016

Friday Night League  @ Corky Smith Gym
5:00pm 13u Elite vs Carlsbad Trust @ Calavera Hills Gym
7:00pm 12u Elite vs Titans
8:00pm 11u Elite vs Big City Sports @ Calavera Hills Gym
9:00pm 14u Elite vs Falcons Elite

Saturday April 19th
The League @ Players Edge
12:30pm 16u Black vs San Diego All Stars
4:00pm 16u Black vs Gardena Wildcats
6:20pm 16u Black vs Triple Threat

1:40pm 15u Black vs Magic West
6:20pm 15u Black vs Superior Athletes

Top Gun League @ Miramar College
1:00pm 12u White vs Scripps Ranch Falcons
2:00pm 12u Red vs Solana Beach Cats Red

Sol League @ Alliant University
8:00am Gamepoint Sapphire vs San Diego Waves
9:00am 15u White vs Splash
10:00am Girls 8th vs Coastal Elite
11:00am Girls 6th vs University City Storm
12:00pm Gamepoint Emerald vs Quijotes
1:00pm 12u Select vs San Diego Piranhas
2015 6'5 PG Justin Simon
Friday April 25th
6:00pm 17u Red vs Memphis Magic
7:15pm 16u Black vs Colorado Hawks

Saturday April 26th
9:15am 17u Red vs New York Rens
2:15pm 17u Red vs Oakland Rebels
6:00pm 17u Red vs Colorado Hawks

1:00pm 16u Black vs Indiana Elite

Sunday April 27th
11:45am 17u Red vs Indiana Elite

16u Black vs TBA

Games at:
Duncanville Fieldhouse
1700 South Main Street
Duncanville, Texas 75137

Triple A Academy
2524 W. Ledbetter Dr
Dallas, Texas 75233
Hoop Review Report:
*Gamepoint 15u Black & 15u Red go a combined 4-0 on
Sunday of the Hoop Review with wins over Cal
Supreme Black, BTI Prospects, CABC 16u & Marcus
Banks Hard 2 Guard.

*Gamepoint 16u Black & 16u Red each finish with a 3-1
record this past weekend at the Hoop Review.  

*Gamepoint 17u Red finished 3-1, with wins over
Arizona Magic, Cal Supreme Grey & Las Vegas Knicks.

*Gamepoint 17u White finished 3-1. with wins over
Prodigy Elite Black, Triple Threat and Franchise 17u.
Jayhawk Invitational
Kansas City, Kansas
Friday April 25th
17u Black vs TBA
17u White vs TBA

Saturday April 26th
17u Black vs TBA
17u White vs TBA

Sunday April 27th
17u Black vs TBA
17u White vs TBA